Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Camping at Tims Ford Lake

On a whim we decided to go camping this past weekend at Tims Ford Lake. We didn't actually camp at the main campground, but rather at the Fairview campground. A lake front campsite is a requirement when choosing the perfect location and that wasn't something the main campground offered. Both campgrounds were full of campers, something we aren't really fond of. Luckily, we chose a stretch of sites that were designated for tent camping only. Even though we technically are "car" campers, we still truly enjoy the outdoors and the peacefulness it brings.

Without a doubt we can tell your Dexter had the most fun of the three of us. His fun began the moment we pulled into our site - he jumped out of the truck window and ran into the lake. Thank you, Dexter, for giving us time to get out and open your door for you. Not. He literally could not contain his excitement. And that is why a lake front campsite is a necessity.

Dexter swam his little heart out while Cagney and I got everything set up. It wasn't long before I joined Dexter in the lake - on my floaty. I don't dare swim in the water. There are fish in there. I have chosen the perfect floaty that guards my body from all living creatures in the lake, with the exception of an 80 pound furry fish. Why yes, this floaty is big enough for two. Always.

After hours of swimming (and a nice hike at Tims Ford State Park), we were all starved. Cagney went to gather us some wood. He always does. The he proceeded to teach me how to build a fire because I can't remember from all the times he told me before. We ate typical camping food: hot dogs and potatoes. We're still figuring out works for us. Next time we're thinking we'll go with a stew. Pretend we're living in the olden days and cook it in a cast iron cauldron.

Our night was finished off with smores and ghost stories. I have officially decided I don't like smores of any type. I don't know what it is, I'm just not a fan. I do love me some plain ol' toasted marshmallows though. I eat them right up. 

The last time we went camping we bought a book about real ghost stories in South Carolina. We only bring it out when camping. We try to read a story that happened close to were we are camping to multiply the scariness. Of course that doesn't really work when your camping in Tennessee.

Early to bed, early to rise. Or as Dexter says: early to bed, early to swim. You bet he had us all up and awake as soon as the sun peaked over the trees. He was well rested and ready to go.

We soon stumbled out of the tent to make coffee, which didn't work. Thanks Pinterest. Not having coffee in the morning is just unacceptable; thus, we are now on the hunt for a camping french press. At least our breakfast was delicious.

There was once a time (years ago) when we thought we wanted to be back country camping type of people. We quickly learned that we really weren't cut out for that. We like being comfortable and clean. And we really like eating good food.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Today is a day to remember those who served and are no longer with us. And that's just what we did. Or we at least made our best attempt to remember them. We wanted to honor them and let them know that their actions have not been forgotten. We want to thank all veterans who are no longer with us for fighting for our country and freedom. It is Memorial Day after all.

This morning we headed to our local Veteran's Cemetery to walk around. It was a beautiful day, and we had a nice time. Many of the headstones we read were from veterans who led a long life, but there were also many from those who died at a young age. Some were also dedicated to wives and children.

We also learned a little about history. After seeing multiple headstones with the same dates, we knew that something significant must have happened during those times. We looked up the dates we could remember when we got home. June of 1864 stuck out the most to me. There was a memorial (below) dedicated to soldiers in that month, as well as notes of medal of honors given to multiple soldiers. I learned that this was during the American Civil War. It was a time in which thousands of lives were lost during the Siege of Petersburg.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to those who so generously gave their lives for our country. You are not forgotten.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Buzzard's Point

There are few things that I love more than starting off the weekend off with a hike first thing Saturday morning. I love getting up early to get a start on our day. Weekends are short as they are, so there is no need to waste time. Plus, we all like to get ahead of the heat. I'm not fan and neither is Dexter. Not to mention an early Saturday hike is a fantastic way to begin our three day weekend, too. And after having nothing but rain last weekend, we wanted to take full advantage of the good weather that is expected this weekend.

Today we chose to hike Buzzard's Point. It's part of the Laurel-Snow Segment of the Cumberland Trails. Earlier this year we hiked to Laurel Falls. We're always up for new hikes, and today we wanted a longer trek. It was a great hike. 

As soon as we go there, we were notified that the 50-foot bridge was impassible because of a tree that had fallen on it. After our 45 minute drive to get there, we weren't about to head home. We were just going to have to find a different way across. And we did. We made our own way. Crisis averted. Dexter was probably happy that the bridge was down. Let's face it, he's not a fan of bridges. Although he did have to cross a bridge today. It isn't an easy feat for him. I tell him not to look down, but he clearly doesn't listen.

The hike took us about three hours, out and back. Granted we were out there for closer to four hours because Dexter was out swimming every chance he had. It amazes me at how much that boy loves the water.

Another Chattanooga hike down for the Amerson Family! We have a lot of ground to cover before we move from the area next year. There are so many trails around here, who knows where we'll end up next.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dexter's Birthday Weekend

Our pup officially turned five this past weekend! I am having a hard time believing that it’s real. Has it really already been five years?

We had the best of time celebrating Dexter’s birthday, even if it was just the three of us.

On Saturday, we went out for a beautiful hike at North Chickamauga Gorge. If you’ve read any of our previous posts, you know by now that Dexter’s favorite activity is swimming. Needless to say, we made sure to choose a hike with that specifically in mind. This trail runs along a nice long creek. One that Dexter couldn’t stay out of for more than a few seconds. Despite the warm weather, the water was freezing. There was no swimming for Cagney and I. Not even a thought in our minds. On the other hand, Dexter did not notice how cold the water was. Or he didn’t care. Probably the latter.

Sunday was Dogs on the Diamond day at our local minor league baseball stadium. Baseball isn’t exactly a favorite pastime of ours, and it probably isn’t something we’ll do often. But it’s nice to change things up once in a while. Plus Dexter was allowed to come with. Wherever Dexter can go, we will go.

We ended Dexter’s birthday weekend with a special dinner and a few small gifts. We’d like to say thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for sending Dexter a birthday gift. It brings me so much happiness to see gifts in the mail addressed to him. My heart is so full with love right now. Happy 5th birthday, Dexter!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pot Point Loop Trail

Another hike down for the Amerson family. Although, this hike was more like a walk than a hike. It was an adventure nonetheless, and we're always down for that!

There are times when I feel like we do a lot of the same hikes. No complaints really, I absolutely love our regular spots. There is an unlimited amount of hikes in our surrounding area. We want to continue to explore them all before we move again because there is no telling when that might be.

We ventured into the Prentice State Park for this hike, Pot Point Loop Trail. I'll advise you in advance, don't go on this trail after a big torrential down pour. The first half of this hike was beautiful. There were hills to actually hike up and down, get you breathing heavy, and pump up your heart rate. Cagney is a BIG fan of hills. Me, not so much.

After a couple miles of being on the trail, we came to what looked and felt like swampland. It made me feel like I was back in Louisiana. The area was dominated by trees and plants galore. There were probably hundreds of frogs croaking loudly. And the ground was completely soaked from the recent rain. It was so wet, marshy, and muddy. Of course there was no way around it. We did indeed hike the last couple of miles in soaked shoes and socks.

We have a book that we reference while we hike. It has all the details about hikes that any one person could want. It even warned us about hiking Pot Point after a heavy rain; however, we didn't read that part until after our socks were already soaked thru. Ill to the wise, read about the trail before you go on it. Surely, not during or afterwards.

The last mile or so of the trail follows along the Tennessee River. I would like to say that this was nice, but it really wasn't. The river doesn't look very clean to us; it probably isn't. Stagnant water isn't really our thing; we much prefer running water. On the other hand, Dexter doesn't care what kind of water it is. Water is water to him. He likes it all.

I was happy when Dexter was swimming in the lake. When he wasn't in the lake, he was rolling around in the mud like it was nobody's business. He's a mess sometimes. I'm just thankful we keep extra towels in the trunk.

This was definitely not one of our favorite hikes. I can't even say we'd ever do it again. I take that back, I can say it. We won't be hiking Pot Point Loop Trail again.

After our hike, Cagney and I got to talking about the point of our hikes. Obviously, we love being outside and being active. But we really love hikes that have a purpose other than that. Mostly, we've decided, we like hikes that have some sort of scenic overlook or point. We love the breath taking views. The views you can't drive to; you can only get there by foot.

Who knows where we'll end up next. I can promise you it will be some where new, and it will have a gorgeous view!